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Spring Favorites

Rose Quartz Crystal Pipe

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A polished, smooth rose quartz pipe sculpted with a quality stainless steel filter holds your CBD flower. Rose quartz was specifically chosen as it’s considered the love stone, and what better way to improve your sense of self-worth? Enjoy relaxing CBD flower as the rose quartz fosters empathy, reconciliation, and forgiveness of others.


*Excluded in Spring Collection Gift Set

Sacred Essence Oil

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Simplicity is what your skin desires most. It’s often said that the secret of nature is patience, and with this oil blend, your skincare embodies the moisture and resolve you need to begin or end your day. Rejuvenate your skin with organic sweet almond oil. Wake your spirit with the lively blend of mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit, pine and other fragrant essential oils. The roller bottle of essential oil is crowned with an authentic gemstone. Each unique stone enhances the application in a unique way offering invigorated senses, great concentration, inner peace, or prolonged energy.

Spring Collection Gift Set

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$115.00 $99.00

The ByColette Spring Collection is all about renewing your spirit and reviving your self-worth. Whether you need to ward off negative energies or want to inspire yourself to journal or meditate each day, our newly launched collection will help restore inner peace and self-love. And what better time to find your renewed energy than when nature comes to life? Allow this season to fill your soul with all the love you give to others.

Gold Dipped Black Tourmaline Crystal

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Setting emotional boundaries can be hard, so our gold dipped black tourmaline crystal clears the negativity and restores your energy. If you’re constantly taking on the weight and drama of those around you, protect your joy with black tourmaline. Place the crystal in your home, car, or purse to repel negative energies. When your intentions are pure but your mind is clouded, this is the healing crystal you need to restore emotional order and provide calming peace.