Luxury Self-care. Delivered.

Energy Detox Smudge Spray

Smudge spray is an uninhibited way of cleansing your personal space of negative energy without the side effects of smudging with dried sage. The natural spray is an earthy tone of mixed essential oils, with the highlighted aroma of white sage essential oil. The spray is perfect for homes with kids or pets sensitive to smoke or severe allergies. The natural smudge spray is believed to offer a direct effect on reducing our stress response and evoking a sense memory that provides peace and mental clarity.

Original Self-Care Tarot Cards

Step into mindfulness and personal development practices with the original ByColette Self-Care Tarot Cards. The custom imagery on the tarot cards are delightful prompts for journaling, meditation, and disconnecting from technology. Whether you need the motivation to put yourself first for a change or simply be confident in saying “no,” these cards are your daily guidance to step outside your comfort zone and invest in your own growth.

Spring Sacred Essence Oil

Simplicity is what your skin desires most. It’s often said that the secret of nature is patience, and with this oil blend, your skincare embodies the moisture and resolve you need to begin or end your day. Rejuvenate your skin with organic sweet almond oil. Wake your spirit with the lively blend of mandarin orange, lemon, grapefruit, pine and other fragrant essential oils. The roller bottle of essential oil is crowned with an authentic gemstone. Each unique stone enhances the application in a unique way offering invigorated senses, great concentration, inner peace, or prolonged energy.

Gold Dipped Black Tourmaline

Setting emotional boundaries can be hard, so our gold dipped black tourmaline crystal clears the negativity and restores your energy. If you’re constantly taking on the weight and drama of those around you, protect your joy with black tourmaline. Place the crystal in your home, car, or purse to repel negative energies. When your intentions are pure but your mind is clouded, this is the healing crystal you need to restore emotional order and provide calming peace.

Spring Cleaning Yoga Mat Mist

If you practice Yoga as a journey of self, you’ll want our essential oil infused Yoga mat spray to rid scents of self you leave behind. This intoxicating green cleaning spray is a pure way to cleanse your Yoga mat of the session’s aromas and sweat. The spray is infused with essential oil and witch hazel to act as an antibacterial for your mat. While the journey of self-acceptance and mental strength through Yoga can travel anywhere, the remnants of that journey can be easily cleaned away.

Clear Mind Potion: Mood Boosting Cacao Elixir

For a mood-enhancing experience that has the flavor of rich cacao, turn to this Clear Mind Potion formulated by Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher, Britt Martin. Use the elixir as a mood elevating drink to clear your mind and find emotional balance. Mix the powder with warm water or your favorite nut milk for a creamier texture. This powerful beverage will lift your energy and give you a renewed spirit to take on the day. Plus, who doesn’t love the flavor of chocolate?